Does your business need marketing support? Our checklist can help you decide.

Whatever your business, in this day and age, digital marketing should be part of your overall marketing strategy.

From website SEO and online display advertising to social media marketing and Google Adwords, knowing where to start and how to implement a successful digital marketing plan can be daunting for many small businesses.

Understanding your customer is key.  Knowing exactly who your customer is and where they ‘hang out’ on the internet is an essential step before you start spending money on any online marketing.

Take a look out our handy checklist below to see where your business may need a helping hand.

  1. What digital marketing do you currently do?
  1. How effective is it?
  1. What marketing would you like to do but don’t have the time?
  1. What marketing are your competitors doing?
  1. How strong is my online presence and can it be improved?
  1. Have you created your target customer persona?
  1. Would you like help with your marketing but don’t have the budget to take on a full time member of staff?
  1. I should have a digital marketing plan, but I don’t know where to start?
  1. How much should I spend on digital marketing?
  1. Do you get confused trying to understand ‘digital marketing jargon’ like Web Hosting, SERPs, SEOs, Content Marketing, CRMs, Google Analytics?

How can we help you?

Our mix and match services means that we can provide you with exactly the support you need, when you need it, no matter how big or small your marketing project.

From ad-hoc help with individual campaigns to complete marketing management, we are happy to advise you on all your marketing needs.

Why not get in touch for a FREE consultation?

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