In today’s digital age, these three areas of marketing can start making a difference to your business today.

Your Website

Having an online presence is imperative in the current business world. Your website is your ‘calling card’. It’s a platform to promote your business and your services.  It builds credibility and showcases your expertise.

However, in today’s overpopulated internet, your website can get lost. It’s not enough to have a website to market your business, you also need a plan to ‘market your website’.

Your website can tell a lot about you and your company – does it look outdated? Is it mobile responsive? Is it updated regularly?  Are you replying to enquiries timely?

It’s not enough to set up a new website and expect it manage itself.  A good website deserves good management.

Social Media

When your marketing budget is limited, social media allows you to communicate directly to your customers at any time in a personal manner for a low spend.

Your social media channels are the voice behind your brand.  Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat?

Not every social media network is suitable for every business but whether your marketing focus is B2B, B2C or both, there is a channel that can help grow your customers.

You need to target the social media platforms that your customers are on.  Then create engaging social media posts that will drive traffic to your website.

Planning and generating relevant content each month across all your social media pages takes time and knowledge to keep up with current trends and react accordingly.

Content Marketing

Content, Content, Content!

Great content drives traffic to your website.  Your website content strategy should be at the core of your marketing plan with keyword rich content optimised for search engines.

Showcase your skills and become an online expert in your field.

Writing blogs, online articles and creating eBooks is a great marketing strategy. In exchange for an email address you can offer free but valuable content to customers and generate business leads.  This helps to not only build trust and credibility but can provide new customers at a low cost.

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