Understanding your Digital Presence


With around 17% of worldwide consumer spending now being carried out online and more people researching products or services online before they purchase, now is the time to look at your digital presence.

We’ve looked at some common issues facing many businesses in today’s digital age and come up with the solutions.

Does your business fit into one these FIVE problems categories?

Problem One: You have a website but it’s old and out of date:

Is your website mobile responsive? Is your content optimised for smart phones?

Your website may be showing out of date or old information or just no new content has been added for a while.

Is your website secure? Do you have an up to date Privacy Policy to comply with current GDPR regulations?

We can help you develop a new website that’s user friendly and easy to manage.


We can update your existing site.

  • We will create and install new policies and licences to ensure that you are complying with current legislation. Do you have an up to date Privacy Policy to comply with current GDPR regulations?
  • We will create new keyword rich content or edit your existing content for a fresh new look.
  • We will research and make SEO recommendation to ensure that you are found in internet search engine


Problem Two:  I have a good website but it hasn’t been updated for a while and it doesn’t seem to get many visitors.

The traffic to your website is low or static and visitors are leaving your website quickly after landing.

Once on your site,  your visitors are not converting to customers

You haven’t added new content for a while and some information and images are out of date.

We will undertake keyword research across your site to ensure that your website is optimised for search engines (SEO)

We will create and add new keyword rich content to help you get seen in internet search engines. This can be as a regular blog or article or as a downloadable guide encouraging visitors to sign up.

We will look at the customer or user experience (UX) – is there enough information there to convince them to buy/sign up. Is there an incentive to buy now?

We can set up re-targeting ads to remind them about your products/services.

We will look at areas to add a call to action to encourage visitors to sign up and keep in touch.

We can set up automated e-mail marketing to keep your customers informed of all your news and new products or services.

We will analyse your website traffic.  Look at the pages your visitors land on, their user journey and the pages they leave on. We will look at where your traffic comes from and make recommendations to increase your website traffic.



Problem Three: You have a great new website but you don’t have the time or the in-house resources to manage it and ensure that it’s kept up to date. 

In your business, everyone is always busy and the website keeps getting pushed down the list of priorities.  But maintaining your website and keeping your digital presence visible is vital for any business these days.

Content Management

We can plan and deliver a Content Marketing Strategy based around your key activities and objectives.

This will include creating online articles, blogs, e-downloads ensuring your content is relevant, fresh and updated on a regular basis and link to your social media pages.



Problem Four:  Your competitors are doing it and you would like to sell your products or your services online from your website.

With consumer behaviour moving more towards online purchases, many businesses are acknowledging  that they need to offer their customers the choice to buy their products of services online.

Depending on your website platform, we can add an e-commerce function to your current website that will allow you to sell, ship and manage all of your products or services in one place.

Alternatively, we can develop a new easy to use website with e-commerce functionality for you to start selling immediately.



Problem Five:  I have a good fully functioning website and now I want to grow my website traffic, convert visitors to customers and grow my business

 In brief, your website isn’t working hard enough for you.  Are you aware of your website analytics – who is visiting your site, what pages they are looking at, how long are they staying on the site?  This is crucial information that you need to be able to plan a successful digital marketing strategy.

We will carry out research on your website and make recommendations for improvements or additions where appropriate.

We will use this information to plan, create and execute a Digital Marketing Strategy in line with your objectives. To include

  • Digital advertising

Targeted AdWords campaign and display ads on 3rdparty websites.

  • E-Mail Marketing

We will set up and manage your newsletter database and send out regular communications to your customers, highlighting current news, offers, new products or services with direct links to your website.

  • Content Marketing

We will create new keyword rich content that’s relevant for your customers.   Not only will this drive more traffic to  your  website but great content will showcase your expertise and help to build trust and credibility for your business.

  • Customer Loyalty

We will create a Loyalty Scheme to reward returning customers for their loyalty to your business.

  • Links and Backlinks

Identifying 3rdparty websites and add links to increase your website’s search engine prominence


We can offer solutions to all these issues today – get in touch and let us help you grow your business online.

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